Passata My Ass – and a great Pomodoro Sauce

Have I mentioned before what a pain it is to be a food snob?  Working around the food business, owning and now managing a gourmet shop, and eating some seriously good food from New York City to Las Vegas and right here at home has turned me into a snob with a low tolerance for crappy food.  I have an even lower tolerance for people putting their mugs in front of TV cameras and acting as if they know something when they don’t.  I found a fellow blogger who has a seriously hard time with this food TV explosion we … Continue reading Passata My Ass – and a great Pomodoro Sauce

The Pizza Project 1.1: Make Your Own

If you don’t know what this whole “Pizza Project” thing is about, you can read my intro here  Or not.  Right now, I’m talking about making your own pizza at home. It’s too easy, really.  If you typically don’t have time to wait for the dough to rise, make it and freeze it.  Or call the delivery guy – but that’s another stop on the pizza project road.  All you really need is dry active yeast, water, and the flour of your choosing.  And toppings – though to some, those are even optional. When I first started writing this, … Continue reading The Pizza Project 1.1: Make Your Own